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The first difficult decision

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It didn’t seem like an unusual cry – just a normal “I’m here, can you let me in now” sound; but there was still an urgency to answer the door. Perhaps because Nando had been gone for so long, or maybe it was intuition.

My partner, Calvin, jumped up and opened the door. And there was Nando. She slowly limped her way inside. It was so surreal. We were all just watching her. She had made it across the room and into her bed before anyone reacted. I think nobody knew what to do. Then she started squirming, unable to get comfortable, and crying. That’s when it really hit us that something bad had happened and it was time to act.

I can’t remember who said what. It was stated that Nando was hurt. What should we do? How bad do you think it is?

After numerous unsuccessful attempts to get comfortable, Nando got up again. We watched her try to walk. “Calvin we need to call the vet.”

I looked up the number of our usual vet on my phone and called it. Closed due to the coronavirus pandemic. An automated voice directed us to a local emergency clinic. Calvin called them and told the lady on the other end of the line what had happened. She agreed that we should bring Nando in and told us it would be a jaw-dropping £300 to see Nando out of hours. Excluding any further treatment Nando may need.

Calvin and I looked at each other. At that moment I felt so lost, I had no idea what to do – what was best for Nando? Were we overreacting? Is this an emergency? Can it wait till the morning when the prices may be more reasonable?

I heard Calvin call his mum, asking for her advice. She said to leave it till the morning. If Nando still isn’t putting any weight on it then go to the vet.

There was a thumping on the stairs and I looked to see Nando jumping up them, not putting any weight on her left back leg. When she finally got to the top, she let out a little cry and collapsed in a tiny heap. She looked so small and fragile. It reminded me of the day we brought her home from the shelter. Since then she had grown in health and personality, but today she was once again a small, precious little creature that needed rescuing.

“Call the vets back, we need to go.”

Calvin rushed to where I was, cradling and comforting Nanna. One look at her and he was back on the phone to the vet – yes the price is fine, yes we will be there before 11 pm. The first of many difficult decisions had been made.

This picture was taken before I met Nando. It was the one used on the Rescue website to advertise she was available to be rehomed. This was the first picture we ever saw of Nando, that made us fall in love with her.




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The Beginning

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It feels like this is the best place to start.

I am going to give the raw version of events exactly as I remember so that you guys will have the best understanding of my feelings.

At around 8 pm on Saturday the 9th May 2020, my partner arrived home from work. If this was a routine day, 8 paws would have trotted in with him, but there was only Milo.

It is unusual for Nando to stay outside for too long. She loves spending time in our garden, keeping the company of the sun and the breeze. But she loves being at home more. Every time the front door opens, Nando sees it as her cue to come inside; even if she has only been out for a few minutes. She is a funny cat, sometimes we joke that she thinks she is a human. Anything on two legs she loves unconditionally until she is given a reason not to. Anything on four, she hates until she learns to tolerate them.

We called her but she didn’t come. Also odd. Nando’s nickname is Nanna. It arose because it is not too far off Nando, and also because another long-running Nando joke is that she acts like a grandma. Her favourite hobby is sleeping somewhere warm; preferably on someone’s lap. She is constantly keeping the other cats in check. And she looks at everyone like they are her grandchildren – sometimes her eyes say they want to tell us off, and other times they say she loves us.

Nanna loves to hear her name being called, she comes trotting. It’s a sound that means the attention will be solely on her, and that she will get some strokes and loving; her favourite things.

It was a beautiful warm evening so it was easy to put our concerns to the back of our minds. She must be enjoying herself too much to pay attention to us.

The clock continued. 10 o’clock arrived. It was accompanied by the sound of crying out in the darkness close to the house. This marked the start.



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Welcome to Nando’s blog



This blog is being started in honour of my cat Nando. She has inspired me through her strength and bravery in the face of recent events. Nando recently became an amputee after what the vet guesses were likely to be either a road traffic accident or fall from a height. I am hoping that writing about our experiences may nurture a small seed of positivity out of all of the negativity. I will be starting with the accident, the surgery and then Nando’s recovery.

Some posts are going to be from my perspective, and I also hope to write some from what I have imagined being Nando’s perspective. I am also considering writing a fictional post about Nando’s past before she went to the rescue; although at the moment it will be focused on her recovery, and life after amputation.



My name is Shannon and I have three cats. Nando is one of them; we rescued her two years ago. She is a beautiful tortoiseshell, who will be 4 on the 1st of September. I attached a picture of her that I took a few months ago, and will be including pictures to all of my posts so that you guys will be able to see her for yourselves. Because she was adopted we are not sure of her exact age, but this was the vets’ estimate and we celebrate her birthday on the day we brought her home.

My cats have their own Instagram account which I have featured on this page. It is updated regularly, but I will be going into more depth here.

I hope you enjoy reading our blog, and maybe it can help others going through the same thing. Never in my life did I expect to be faced with such a challenging situation with multiple difficult decisions, and I encourage anyone that needs/ wants to – please reach out to me if you are struggling with anything similar. I am here to help.

Shannon x

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Nando is brought to you by Tripawds.

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