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Broken Bones

Continued directly from previous post…


The vet knocked on the car window and we wound it down. Nando wasn’t with him. He cut straight to the point, telling us that her leg was broken and she needed surgery. He was certain of a tarsal fracture, and suspected additional breaks in her metatarsals. Apart from the administration of pain relief, he informed us that there was nothing else that could be done that night. Orthopaedic procedures aren’t classed as emergencies, so we would have to take Nando to our usual vet on Monday. It was Saturday night.

There was also no point in X-raying the leg as whoever carried out the surgery would take the same X-ray, meaning we would pay for the same scan twice.

After confirming we understood and were happy, the vet went back inside to give Nando the drugs. She received one opioid injection that was to last 6 hours, and one NSAID that was to last 24.

Nando’s leg was broken

At this point my mind was so busy it seemed blank, and I was at a loss. I wasn’t prepared for the fact that Nando’s leg was broken, and realised I had subconsciously been telling myself that I was overreacting. Now I had to tell myself something else: Okay. So Nando’s leg is broken. This isn’t a big deal, cats probably break their legs all the time. Monday will come, Nando will have surgery, and everything will go back to normal.

We paid, and the amount was justifiable. We had done the right thing. It was a good thing we didn’t wait till morning. Nando had been in a lot of pain, and now that pain was relieved.

When Nando returned to us, she was very still and sleepy. She didn’t seem awake for the entire journey.

When we arrived home, we set up our bedroom so that it would have all she needed. It was important to keep her separate from the other cats and limit her movements. We set Nando down in the room, and she was happy to be home. She settled down for an uneventful night, whilst I stayed awake, thoughts racing.


A diagram depicting the bones of a cats leg to help show where Nando’s leg was broken

Here is a picture that I found on google, depicting the tarsals and metatarsals of a cat. I have included a video on instagram that shows Nando’s broken leg; it can be found in the ‘Blog: Nando’ highlight.




The Beginning

It feels like this is the best place to start.

I am going to give the raw version of events exactly as I remember so that you guys will have the best understanding of my feelings.

At around 8 pm on Saturday the 9th May 2020, my partner arrived home from work. If this was a routine day, 8 paws would have trotted in with him, but there was only Milo.

It is unusual for Nando to stay outside for too long. She loves spending time in our garden, keeping the company of the sun and the breeze. But she loves being at home more. Every time the front door opens, Nando sees it as her cue to come inside; even if she has only been out for a few minutes. She is a funny cat, sometimes we joke that she thinks she is a human. Anything on two legs she loves unconditionally until she is given a reason not to. Anything on four, she hates until she learns to tolerate them.

We called her but she didn’t come. Also odd. Nando’s nickname is Nanna. It arose because it is not too far off Nando, and also because another long-running Nando joke is that she acts like a grandma. Her favourite hobby is sleeping somewhere warm; preferably on someone’s lap. She is constantly keeping the other cats in check. And she looks at everyone like they are her grandchildren – sometimes her eyes say they want to tell us off, and other times they say she loves us.

Nanna loves to hear her name being called, she comes trotting. It’s a sound that means the attention will be solely on her, and that she will get some strokes and loving; her favourite things.

It was a beautiful warm evening so it was easy to put our concerns to the back of our minds. She must be enjoying herself too much to pay attention to us.

The clock continued. 10 o’clock arrived. It was accompanied by the sound of crying out in the darkness close to the house. This marked the start.



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